Client: South West Credit
Project: Easy Achiever Campaign

Warrnambool-based financial institution South West Credit used a mix of old-fashioned values, traditional communication and good timing to successfully increase the savings of its new-age members and reinforce the benefits of banking ‘the way it used to be’.

South West Credit’s Easy Achiever Account was designed to increase the savings of it’s new-age members and reinforce the benefits of banking, ‘the way it used to be’.

Problem was, how to communicate to a generation known for its ‘need it now’ consumption habits and affinity with faceless, online banking?

With a clear picture of exactly who amongst its existing member base best suited the product, GenR8 developed a highly targeted direct mail campaign that spoke personally to South West Credit’s membership.

A series of personalised letters were devised, outlining how the Easy Achiever Account was a straightforward, credit-free means of ‘getting what you want’. An online application form, brochure and $1000 cash prize draw were added as part of the campaign, along with a staged rollout schedule to accommodate timely follow-up calls to members receiving the mail package.

With the memory and impact of the Global Financial Crisis still vivid, the appeal of resorting back to simple, week-by-week savings captured the market’s attention and the campaign’s response was immediate – and lucrative.

South West Credit achieved an exceptional response rate of 18%, doubling the amount of new deposits it had estimated the campaign would attract.