Client: Department of Treasury and Finance
Project: The Dual Project Challenge

The challenge, with the First Home Owners Grant and Payroll Tax projects, as with any campaign, was to attract the attention of the viewer/listener/reader. Then ensure that the audience is captivated and adequately informed.

The required audience was regional first home buyers and large regional employers. These two groups were easily identified as being vastly different
but do possess some common elements in that both would be intrigued by the offers available.

For the most part, first home buyers are on the bottom rung of their investment ladder, while employers who will reap real
savings from their payroll tax deductions will be much further advanced in terms of investment.

Initially we were a little concerned about combining the two offers, and on reflection, while we believed that the offers could work well together, the decision was made to give them their own identities. While the weighting of the campaign was skewed more towards the home buyer (given greater numbers), the tax offer was and is still a very relevant and exposure worthy offer that could be weighted more strategically via slightly different media channels.